Photography challenge app

So A Strange Challenge turns the idea of a challenge on it's head, instead presenting a tool-based challenge, based on 5-8 buckets of technical variables that exist within every photograph. Inside each of these buckets, is a near infinite list of variables.

These variables are assembled at random into a sentence, creating thousands of simple, dynamic cues to create.

TL;DR? I made an app and it makes sentences and if you're a photographer you might like it.

Available on Apple App Store June 2021.

Usually the idea of a photography challenge lands in the form of a subject-based provocation. "Shoot a sunset", "shoot a portrait in the city". Etc. Then you shoot a cracking sunset, enjoying it immensely, while taking away nothing longer-lasting because you leant on things you already know.

Our brains solve problems in more useful ways if a challenge has the chance to stress-test a technical bias that we have: for example, our natural camera-holding height, or our go-to focal lengths when shooting a particular subject. Sometimes it just takes someone else throwing two ideas in a pot and putting it in front of us.