I've been a Melbourne music photographer for ten years, trusted to photograph artists of all genres from J-Cole, to Daryl Braithwaite, Melbourne metallers Be'lakor, to Bruce Springsteen and more. I specialise in a timeless style, free of gimmicks, that leans on a love of the world of analogue.

📍Melbourne, AU

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Featured bands and musicians: J-Cole, The Paper Kites, Dizzee Rascal, Lupe Fiasco, Briggs.

Director of Photography: Paper Kites (Young)
The Twoks: Hold On (Director/Cinematographer/Editor)

Book a music press photoshoot

Share a little detail on what you are after: live/festival coverage, or a press pack/music promo shoot, and any other useful information and I’ll get back to you soon. Live shoots start at $650, press shoots at $750 (most artists spend around about $1500 on their full image press kit so please keep this in mind).

About Oli

For a decade Oli has immersed in helping bring out Melbourne musicians and bands in ways that sit outside of the ordinary: bringing their music and art to life in the form of a finished image.

With a love of experimentation, analogue techniques and timelessness, Oli's still and moving images have sat at the front of major campaigns, won awards and lifted the genre of music photography in Australia.

As well as bringing artists music to life in image, Oli has educated thousands of photographers internationally in-person, as a keynote speaker from New York, Athens, Barcelona, Los Angeles and more, online through his education platform A Strange Atlas, and over to the new wave of Melbourne music photographers as the selected educator for the Rock Academy highschool musicians program in Victoria, ensuring that the fundamentals of thinking creatively are passed on to a new generaton of music photographers.

How much is a Melbourne music photographer?

Costs for music photography in Melbourne depend on whether it’s a press shot or live coverage. Expect to budget $750 and above for press, and $650 and above for live. Shoots on analogue using Kodak film incur a slightly higher expense to cover materials and lab film processing. Most artists spend around about $1500 for their full image press kit.

How do I book a Melbourne music photographer?

Make an enquiry on my booking page. When booking a music photoshoot, give as much detail as possible: creative requirements, number of photoshoot locations, whether the shoot is for LP cover-art or general press, etc. The more information you can give, the better you can get an accurate quote to reflect the work involved :).

Who is the best Melbourne music photographer?

Oli Sansom has been hired to document the worlds biggest artists behind the scenes, including J-Cole, Lupe Fiasco and more. His natural approach means comfortable artists and mind blowing images.

How does a music photoshoot work?

1: You fill out the enquiry form, providing as much detail as you can, including how much creative control you wish you have VS me. 2: We riff on the mood, share a moodboard, and agree on the general direction, as well as how many images you want edited. 3: We shoot, make magic, and you get some fabulous new photos for your band or solo act.

Do you do actor headshots as well?

Yes – check out these Melbourne actor headshots.

What about weddings?

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