Becoming a better artist isn’t really all that different from some good-old creative surgery... like amputating your arm and replacing it with a robotic super-arm that hand-feeds you fortune cookies with quotes from the Dalai Lama all day. Like a robotic super-arm, you can transplant supercharged creativity into your brain, to stay in love with your craft and continue to deliver new and great work to the wonderful folks who hire us. 

At Transplant we'll talk about what it takes to use fear and struggle as practical tools that we can use to our advantage - not to be creative for the sake of it, but to tune our minds positively, and fall in love with finding opportunity everywhere. 

Sample sessions

Coffee & Science: better creativity through process.

Ever noticed that coffee tastes remarkably different to how a bag of fresh beans smells? The whole charade is about the chase. There’s a lot to be taken from that in our industry, which is heavily focussed on the "end product", and we’ll use the Transplant Challenge App to help with this. This session focuses on building your creative vocabulary, and using “play” as a tool to inspire creative thinking and problem solving.

Room for Play: taming the schedule

What does reading books, exercise, and experimenting with our photography have in common? They’re things we all “don’t have time for”. This short session takes a light-look at project management, to help you get more done, and hit away the countless tentacles we encounter every day that want to pull us away from creating.

Art of narrative - making & breaking storytelling

In a time when everyone is marketing themselves as a storyteller, how to we *actually* tell standout stories? With surprise, intrigue, and by looking to other creative mediums that powerfully elicit feeling. There's more to story than just the linear, and in this session we'll look at and around linear storytelling, and how we can bring in inspiration from music, cinema, and design to help us to tell more powerful stories. 

Shooting for the story

This golden-nugget-session takes a look at practical approaches to shooting for the story afterwards, while still being present. Mentally compiling and shooting a “Safety list” then being free to create and explore for your own end, and practically using techniques from session 1 to help tell stories. 

Chasing Dark

Chasing Dark explores the possibilities of low light, finding great opportunities in not-so-great settings, and most importantly, falling in love with tone. I'm usually referenced for my moody work, and i'm going to delve into how and why there's more to seeing light just as it appears. Following this, we'll take a practical look at some simple techniques to process our moody images in the best way. 

The Oddballs Toolbox

It's easy to think of "tools and techniques" as being purely technical things, but there are some far more interesting tools to harness that can lead us to making powerful images: empathy, confusion, and the most interesting one of all, struggle. Integrating struggle in a deliberate way will set your brain on fire and make you a better artist. We'll look at what all of these tools are in detail, and how to integrate them practically into our shooting. 


While we'll also touch on some useful things in regards to systems, post-production, and managing clients, the main focus of this workshop is practical magic: thinking creatively, and seeing in new and varied ways. 


If you're an artist looking for a way out of a creative rut, you've probably been told to "just be yourself". This line of thinking discourages us from experimentation, and stepping outside our comfort zone in... every way.

Because "who I am" is the product of my upbringing, and everything i've been told.

"Who I am" is the product of things that happened to me.

"Who I am" is a blank canvas, and we can start painting... now. Musicians and performers have been doing it since forever.

So put on a mask.


The only thing that matters is how we feel, and how we make others feel, and as we'll talk about at Transplant, one of the greatest things you can do for your creativity is to be... anything but yourself.

July 6, 2017

Transplant - Detroit

Transplant - Detroit

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Is this right for me?

If you're a photographer and new, old, curious, or apathetic, this has something for you. I'll be sharing things that I use myself in my own wedding and portrait work, and even over to music videos. This is a workshop for those who understand, or want to understand the value of intersectional thinking, and breaking out of destructive creative patterns in a thoughtful way.

Where is it?

I'm looking for a spot in either midtown, Corktown, or Eastern market - so these details are TBC.

What's the food situation?

Lunch if catered for, surrounding meals are your responsibility, but we should totally do dinner together.

How long?

The workshop takes place over one day. Scheduled tuition time will be 10am - 4pm, with informal hangouts into the evening, as late as you can stomach, where further exploration will be encouraged.

What's the damage? 

$525AUD - this fee is displayed in AUD, and the total workshop fee converts to $395USD.

You smell, I can't come anymore and I want my money back.

That's unpossible unfortunately, BUT, what you can do is transfer your ticket to another willing human. If you have any queries or concerns prior to purchase, i'm an open book, email me. If you have things you'd like to have covered in the workshop but arent sure if they are part of it, email me. If you want me to share my 1990's #babymaker Spotify playlist with you, email me: oli@olisansomweddings.com

PS, I have the aroma of a giant daisy.


Before making images, I was a creative director, illustrator, animator, and designer. This video gives a little insight into how I spend my time now.