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Hands On Perth: March 25

Hands On Perth: March 25


Hands-On focuses on treating photography as a craft, and then feeding that into your business. A craft-centred approach means you focus on making your work the best it can be, critically analyse the positives and negatives of what you’re doing, and work towards creating points of difference through using tools you are and aren’t comfortable with. It means loving details, sweating the small stuff, and caring about what you produce. For better or worse it’s how I try and approach things, and I’d love to share it with you.

No fluff, just hands-on goodness.

We’ll explore creative ruts, deriving inspiration from alternative sources, feeding them tangibly into photography, and treating everything as a tool: gear, light, mood. When we treat something as a tool and as a small part of the whole, it becomes pretty obvious, pretty quickly, that we can manipulate it however we want.

We’ll explore the concept of “dynamics”, how photography is like a song, and then using a live couple we’ll see it all come to life.

We’ll explore the importance of alternative techniques like freelensing, film photography and more.

We’ll also smash some beer.


Who it’s for: photographers that know how to use their camera in manual mode, and those in or getting into wedding photography might get the most out of the parallels drawn and insights into workflow.

What to bring:

• Your camera
• 5-10 printouts of your work
• A healthy caffeine appetite

Limited to 12 spaces / lunch provided

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